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The PLAN Recovery Community Organization (RCO)

We provide non-clinical peer recovery support services at CoHatch Gateway

1581 N. High St, Columbus, OH 43201


Our PLAN-certified peer supporters get individuals “off the streets” and into the recovery they choose. We embrace a judgment-free, non-threatening approach, meeting the individual where they are whether they are contemplating a higher level of care, discharging home to the community, or seeking support to sustain long-term recovery. We are there every step of the way coaching in desired skills and strategies.

Supportive Friend
Family Surrogacy
Support Group


The PLAN RCO embraces all paths to recovery from substance use disorders including Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), Harm Reduction, Abstinence-based 12-step models, SMART Recovery, among others.  All recovery support groups have a home within our walls.

Personal Contact


Our certified peer supporters provide information about skills related to health, wellness, and recovery. From yoga classes to nutrition, our peer supporters collaborate with community members to enhance quality of life for individuals seeking recovery. How do I regain custody of my kids? How do I navigate the criminal justice system? These are the frequent questions that arise at the center that we seek to answer through skill building.

Image by Annie Spratt
Support Group Session


Harm reduction is critical to keeping people who use drugs alive and as healthy as possible. This emphasizes engaging directly with individuals to prevent overdose and infectious disease transmission, improve the physical, mental, and social well-being of those served, and offer low-threshold options for accessing substance use disorder treatment and other health care services.

Community Resources


How often are resource materials out of date?  How do you know which remains active? These questions constantly occur to professional case managers not to mention affected individuals seeking help.  Our certified peer supporters are skilled in resource navigation having personally experienced many of them from public transportation and medical treatment to free legal assistance and navigating public utilities.  What would help me in the next phase of my recovery journey?  We are here to help. Our center is available to individuals at all stages of recovery from those new to those more seasoned and looking to contribute back to the community.

Image by Monica Melton
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Attaining work and educational opportunities involves a lot of paperwork.  Our certified peer supporters are experts in obtaining multiple forms of identification necessary for employment, public assistance, and educational opportunities. 

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