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25 Self Care Ideas

Self care is really anything you do to help take care of yourself. Practicing good self care and developing a healthy self care routine will well you stay both mentally and physically well. Here are some ideas for some simple self care techniques.

  • Take a walk

  • Read a book

  • Grab a cup of coffee or tea

  • Go a day without logging into social media

  • Call a friend

  • Make a healthy meal

  • Conquer a project you’ve procrastinated on

  • Get a haircut or a manicure

  • Write some personal goals

  • Write in a journal

  • Start a new tradition

  • Doodle or color

  • Take a shower

  • Have someone over for a meal

  • Make a new playlist

  • Ride a bike

  • Get up and stretch

  • Light a candle

  • Buy some flowers

  • Start a random act of kindness chain

  • Send an email to a friend

  • Organize your closet

  • Watch your favorite movie

  • Put on your favorite outfit even if it’s just to sit on your sofa

  • Meditate

About PLAN

We are a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to future care planning for disabled adults due to mental illness. Incorporated in 1999, PLAN was formed by a group of families with disabled family members — mostly sons and daughters — concerned about who would care for their disabled dependents when they were no longer able to do so themselves.

PLAN of Central Ohio offers an activities program where clients can form friendships, practice social skills and just have fun. We meet two times a month, transporting clients to and from each activity. Our case manager/client ratio is approximately 1 to 5 to provide a safe, supervised outing. Our program includes casual dinners at inexpensive restaurants, outings to movies and trips to local places of interest. We have been able to continue our activities program in a safe, socially-distanced way, despite the COVID-19 epidemic. We also offer Zoom-based activities to meet the needs of those who do not wish to be out and about in these unprecedented times.


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