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What is Recreation Therapy?

Recreational Therapy is usually referred to as the “fun therapy” or just “games and activities.” At PLAN, we strive to provide that fun therapy for our members, but we also do so much more than that in terms of skill building. Through our monthly rec meet ups, our members are able to build their support network and work on improving their coping skills.

When we met Morgan Thomas, RYT, we were amazed by the degree of planning and specificity that went into the interventions she provides. Morgan came armed with a lesson plan, much like a teacher would, but had the clinical vocabulary of a social worker and we were so impressed!

Morgan was able to flush out her interventions a bit with us – she works with clients to enhance motor, social and cognitive functioning, build confidence, develop coping skills, and skill integration in the treatment environment. Intervention areas vary widely and are based upon enjoyable and rewarding interests of the client. Morgan typically employs arts and crafts as her chosen modality as she can modify these interventions to suit the needs of the PLAN member.

We are so grateful to have Morgan on board and to be able to offer these interventions at no charge to our members, thanks to generous donations from PNC Charitable Trusts and the Licking County Foundation.

It really is FUN with a PURPOSE!


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