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Holiday Funding Drive

Dear Friends,

The Board of Directors and employees of PLAN would like to thank you for everything that you do to support our organization through membership and donations.

This year was challenging in the face of COVID-19 but it was wonderful to see so many individuals continuously served by our socialization programs. PLAN meets the respite needs of caregivers who provide for their mentally ill relatives. PLAN also provides individuals with meaningful contact with their community and other service providers.

As you consider your end of the year giving, we hope you consider a gift to PLAN in the amount of $50, $100, $150 dollars, or more. Such a donation can help sustain programming for our individual members and their caregivers.

As we look toward the New Year we begin to analyze our goals for 2021 which include implementation of a programming grant from PNC Charitable Trusts and an additional grant from the Licking County Foundation for programming and operations.

Our Executive Director, Clinical Team, and Board of Directors continue to push forward in furthering the mission and vision of PLAN of Central Ohio.

Help us continue to provide respite, support, and wrap-around services that accommodate those who fall through the mental health safety net.

You can make a difference in the life of someone struggling with mental illness by making a donation by check or on-line under the “Donate” tab on our website.


Jessica Dallas, Executive Director Shawn Redman, Board Chair

Brewster Randall II, Treasurer Robert Dix, Board Member

Suzanne McCann, Secretary Sharon Sisk Swanson, Board Member

Curtis Principi Board Member Dianne Clay, Board Member

Albert Acierno, Program Director Kimberly Johnson, Case Manager


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