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RCO Grand Opening

We have arranged for our grand opening to occur on February 13, 2023 at 342 North Hague Avenue, in Columbus, Ohio. That is the first day that our peer supporter, Jed Hopler, will be onsite at our office at the Jordan's Crossing Resource Center. We have some minutiae to take care of to make sure the Jed has his peer support credential in place which we estimate will happen by April 1, 2023. In the meantime, he will be flexing his CDCA credential at our location in order to help with service linkage, navigating community resources, and helping Fred Rieser out with his day-to-day tasks at the center. We are so excited and grateful to be partnering with such an established organization like Jordan's Crossing. We look forward to the years ahead and the lives that will be saved as we continue to entrench ourselves in the Hilltop community.


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